Total Dust Control System

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The benefits of eliminating silica dust at the well site include:

Employee health and safety 
More enjoyable work environment 
More productive employees 
Reduction in maintenance cost 
Improvement in the life of equipment 
Compliant with NIOSH and industry standards Improved public relations 
Positive industry image 
Reduction of liability risk 
Keep sand dry during inclement weather

Focus of work will be aimed at areas identified by NIOSH as a potential source(s) of silica exposure;

  • Dust escaping from inspection hatches on top of the bulk storage movers as sand is being transferred pneumatically into bulk storage units on site.
  • Dust released from the transfer belt beneath the sand mover(s).
  • Dust released from the transfer belt(s) coming from the sand mover(s) to the “T” belt or “V” belt.
  • Dust released from the “T” belt or “V” belt transferring sand into the blender hopper
  • Dust released at or in the vicinity of all drop points throughout the activities of unloading, storing, transfer or conveying of sand used in hydraulic fracturing operations.

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Equipment and Services Provided

Sierra Frac Sand will provide all necessary equipment and personnel to perform services to control the silica dust produced during completion operations. None of the installation procedures require welding, cutting or altering of any equipment for attaching any part of the dust collection system. Charges will include mileage, rig up/down, working day rate, standby day rate, and reserved day rate. Additional charges may apply if overnight stay is required for hotel accommodations, meals and other expenses.


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