LGC (Liquid Gel Concentrate)



Sierra Frac Sand produces LGC (liquid gel concentrate) also known as “guar gel.” Liquid gel concentrate is mixed from a fine powder called guar gum, a product of the guar bean farmed in India, Pakistan, China, and areas of Africa. It is highly valued in the fracking industry as a carrier for the proppant, because of the ability of less than 1% of gel quantity to increase the fluid viscosity by several hundred-fold.

The gel facility, housed at the same location as our main sand plant, has the capacity to mix 500,000 gallons of guar gel per month. Sierra also provides mixing services for customer with their own guar gum, mixing large volumes quickly to customer specifications: up to 2,000 gallons per batch, with a current storage capacity of 70,000 gallons.

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