Silica Frac Sand Proppant Product Types, Sizes, and Processes

sand being loaded into dump truck
As the hydraulic fracturing industry has evolved, so have our products and processes. Finer API and ISO qualified regional/native sands have become more commonly used as they are more efficient for well completion. Well production using our regional/native sand has been compared to wells completed with northern white; results show no difference in production. This puts Sierra at the forefront in efficiency and cost effectiveness of the well completion process. Our in-basin products include:

  • 16/30 mesh
  • 20/40 mesh
  • 30/50 mesh
  • 30/70 mesh
  • 40/70 mesh
  • 100 mesh
  • 200 mesh

Other Products Available:

  • Fill sand
  • House pad sand
  • Water Well-Pack Sand
  • Concrete sand
  • Playground/Sandbox sand
  • Masonry construction
  • Drainage/Filtration medium
  • Top dressing for grass
  • Bunker sand for golf courses
  • Grout sand
  • De-icing sand

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Proppant Processing

sierra frac sand facility


Sierra Frac Sand’s mining capacity is unmatched with an average of 20,000 tons of proppant mined and transported for washing each day (increased by 25% in 2021).


Our washing process is intense and highly efficient with a maximum production of 850 TPH throughput. Each ton goes through the system three times to remove and separate all particles to create high quality sand products. This aggressive manufacturing process is what produces the cleanest and most highly desired sand in the Haynesville Shale.

frac sand drying process


We use rotary dryers averaging 800 TPH with a peak capacity of 1150 TPH.


The efficiency of our screening process is consistently optimized with a capacity of 10,000 tons of sellable proppant per day. Our screening yields approximately 50:50 40/70 to 100 mesh with other industry-standard sizes also available.

frac sand coming off conveyer belt
flat sand storage


With over 100 million tons of reserves and 4.5 miles of Red River frontage, we can maintain a large supply of sand for many years. Once we implement dredging from the river, reserves become virtually perpetual. Our combined storage capacity exceeds 290,000 tons from all three of our facilities and utilizes a revolutionary flat storage design.

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